Give to Cure is a science-driven, global community that realizes the power of the crowd to find cures faster. We do this by realizing the power of the crowd to connect good people with good medicine.  Give to Cure drives research, medical and funding innovation to find cures faster.

Our Model

For each new campaign, GTC launches a global competition to mine for promising drug programs that have received approval for clinical trials. We issue a Request for Application (RFA), announcing that funding is available to cover 100% of the costs of selected clinical trial programs.

Why this works

Long ago are the days where all innovation came from one place.  As we see from entrepreneurs to coders to scientists, innovation can come from anywhere.  By casting a wide net, we start with a larger pool of candidates and thus, have a greater chance to find the most promising solutions.

Through our strong channels, we were able to receive close to 40 exciting proposals for our Alzheimer’s Competition.  

GTC’s Scientific Advisory Board includes the leading thinkers in the Alzheimer’s space who are charged with selecting and prioritizing the clinical trial applicants based on the highest chance of success. Unlike traditional funding sources that must consider a wide variety of factors such as risk, diversification, commercial marketability, and exit potential among others, the decision by the Scientific Advisory Board will be freely guided by science over profit.

Why this works

First, through its leadership and innovative model, GTC was able to attract such a strong Scientific Advisory Board.  This means that the greatest minds evaluate the research so they have a greater likelihood of pinpointing the most promising and potentially breakthrough research.  Second, as they are independent and non-paid and do not need to consider profit factors, they are able to target market research that will have the best scientific merit even if it isn’t the most profitable.

We open up the selected trials for funding by the crowd. GTC gets support from charitable foundations, corporate sponsors, and other donors for its administrative and operational costs.  That means that 100% of crowd-sourced donations from individuals go directly to the trials we support and the patients we serve. Our goal is practical – we want to accelerate the cure and empower individuals to participate in the process.

Why this works

First, you have peace of mind that every dollar that you donate will be used wisely and directly to medical research.  Second, this means funding gets to the clinical researchers faster which means that they can start performing the trials faster and move through the drug development pipeline at a more rapid pace.

Here is where it really gets exciting. GTC will then fund the selected clinical trials in order of priority. We will disburse funds on an as needed basis, auditing along the way to ensure the efficient and transparent use of funds. We will share any updates and results with the GTC community as soon as available.In addition, GTC has built a network of supporters including law firms, business people and scientists that can support GTC trials from initial funding through completion. 

Why this works

This value added support helps ensure that we maximize our shot at achieving our mission.

Clinical trials have a 1 in 5 chance of success. GTC aims to select the trials with the highest chance of success and to fund enough trials so that we can statistically find a cure that helps!